Szkoła Podstawowa nr 8
         im. Jana Pawła II w Będzinie


Primary School No. 8 in Bedzin, Poland was set up in the spring of 1956. The school building at 15 Sienkiewicz Street was revendicated as a result of tireless attempts made by the Faculty of Education and Municipal National Council in Będzin. In the beginning the building belonged to Wanda Replinska. Before World War II and a few years after there was a private secondary school for ladies, then a private trade school, and finally The National Financial Technical School. After the school was closed, the building was used as a dormitory of the Basic Vocational School for men. Due to a growing number of children and trouble with overcrowded schools, the building at 15 Sienkiewicza Street was decided to be used as a primary school after the act of revindication. Opening ceremony with the participation of students and their parents was held on the first of September 1956. Maria Konopnicka was chosen to be a patron of the school. In the school year 1956/1957, 675 children were signed up to school. There were 18 classes of students learning from the first to the seventh grade. These students came from the new district created from the streets previously belonging to Primary Schools No 1 and No 5. In the school year 1958/1959 the size of classes decreased. In 18 classes there were 574 students learning from the first to the seventh grade. School district was also changed because of the new school building opening in Podjazie. At the time there were 18 teachers working at the school and lessons took place in 9 classrooms for two shifts. In the same year one of the classrooms on the fourth floor was adapted as a school library that was run by Antonina Wasiluk. Next to the library on the fourth floor there were: physical laboratory, biological laboratory, scouting house (the scouting team was led by Henryka Madejska) and doctor's office. The school year 1965/1966 brought big changes. The first Electrical and Mechanical Technical School was set up in Bedzin. As a result, the classrooms on the third floor of the primary school had to be given away to the technical school decreasing at the same time the number of the classrooms for primary students. From that time on primary students had to learn for three shifts which definitely made pedagogical work more difficult. In that situation it was necessary to find another building. In that time such a huge building was being built in the district of Bedzin called Warpie. The city authorities decided to allocate the building to the Primary School No. 8 which happened on the first of September 1966. Opening ceremony officially took place on December 4, 1966. The school's patron was also changed to Aleksander Zawadzki. During the ceremony Ludwik Kobrynowicz who was the school's headmaster was honored with the Golden Cross of Merit. From the next school year 1968/1969 the number of classess in Primary School No. 8 in Bedzin decreased to 15 due to the opening of new school facilities in the area. In connection with that situation the ground floor of the building was designated for Basic Vocational Car School 's needs. A visible change for better was noticed only at the beginning of the 80s because of the demographic peak. The year 1976 was special for the Primary School No. 8 in Bedzin. The school celebrated its 20th anniversary. In that time there were 406 students and 20 teachers. The beginning of the 80s brought a significant increase in the number of students. Initially, the school managed to avoid shift teaching but over time lessons were led for two shifts. In September 1988 a building at Koszelew Street was adapted for the needs of the school. A branch of the Primary School No. 8 in Bedzin was opened there, where children from classes I-III were to learn. At the beginning of the 90's, a record number of teachers worked in our facility - about 70 people. The building existed until the end of the school year 1995/1996. A decreasing number of students in the subsequent years (from over 1000 to about 700) meant that we all could once again learn in the main building at 4 Orla Street. It should be mentioned that at one of the meetings of the Pedagogical Council in the school year 1990/91 the name of the patron of the school - Aleksander Zawadzki was abolished. Since then, the full name of the institution was - Primary School No. 8 in Bedzin.


Ludwik Kobrynowicz 1956-1970
Marian Stachowicz 1970-1974
Grażyna Pogoda 1974 -1987
Teresa Płonka 1987-1988
Julita B±k 1988-1992
Alina Jakubowska 1992-2002
Mariola Kidawa 2002 until today


Entering the new age, our school continues its workable and effective actions aiming towards the constant improvement of the quality of work. In order to meet the expectations of students and parents, the school makes efforts to provide an attractive educational offer for the 21st century. It assumes responsibility for satisfying the needs of children, for preparing them for living in society, for the proper reception of Polish culture and conscious action in the modern world. Didactic and educational success results from the involvement of highly qualified and experienced pedagogical staff. Our tutors interact with the child's family environment. Parents actively participate in the life of the school and they are partners in all undertaken activities. In accordance with the expectations of the environment, the school extended the offer of extracurricular activities, started a modern online studio and Multimedia Information Center. Modern didactic aids and sports equipment were also purchased. Thanks to systematic renovations since 2002 the school building we can see today has gained a new look. The window carpentry and the entrance door were replaced for the new ones. The corridors and classrooms were repainted. The parquet floors were renovated and new furniture for the classrooms and the school kitchen were purchased. The restoration of the toilets was completed, and a new room for art studio was adapted. In 2011, our school received the name of John Paul II. Continuing the traditions developed by the first teachers, students and constantly learning - we operate in a modern and innovative way. Our graduate is a man who can recognize values and has the need to live in harmony with them. Respecting and understanding the past, he or she opens up at the same time to the environment and the world, entering the future without complexes. Regardless of whether we were at Sienkiewicz or Orla Street, we are the heirs of the same school and we feel the bond of the same values.

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